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A central government organization in India called UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) offers technology and subcontracting services to the business and government sectors. It was started in 1993 with the intention of helping the UTI arrangement depositors. PAN cards are issued to individuals, employees, and government departments by UTIITSL, also known as UTI PSA.

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PSA Login 2023 Information:

UTIITSL offers PAN card agents a portal called PSA Login through which they can access a variety of services. Agents require login information, which consists of a user ID and password, to access the site. Registration is required to receive the PSA user ID. The portal provides capabilities like checking the status of PAN applications, reprinting PAN cards, updating PAN details, an online payment mechanism, and report generating.
UTIITSL: A Summary

Government-owned UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) offers technology and subcontracting services to India’s business and management sectors. It benefits government agencies, corporate bond/credit/stockholders, and mutual fund AMC shareholders. The SEBI has authorized UTIITSL as a Group 1 Registrar and Transfer Agent.

Major areas of expertise for UTIITSL Corporation:

  • Mutual Fund Services: UTIITSL collaborates with several mutual fund communities and streamlines the purchasing and selling of units of mutual funds.
  • Property Services: UTIITSL is skilled in real estate purchase, sale, tenancy, evaluation, and interior design.
  • Card-based Solutions: UTIITSL can offer card-based solutions, citizen-centric solutions, and high-volume contract processing.

What the UTIITSL PSA Portal offers?

  • PAN Application Status Tracking: Through the PSA site, agents can keep track on the progress of PAN card applications.
  • PAN cards that have been misplaced or damaged can be reprinted by agents.
  • PAN data, including name, address, and date of birth, can be changed by agents.
  • Payment Gateway: Online payments for PAN card services can be made through the portal’s payment gateway.
  • Reports Generation: To help agents analyze their company and take wise decisions, the portal creates reports on various PAN card-related services.

Advantages of a PAN Card:

  • Identity Proof: When filing income tax returns, PAN cards serve as crucial identification documents for people, businesses, and NGOs.
  • Tax deductions: A PAN card is necessary to claim tax advantages.
  • PAN cards are required for business operations such as establishing a corporation, creating a bank account, and buying and selling assets.
  • Financial activities: A PAN card can be used to open a Demat account and make investments, among other financial activities.

PAN Bulk Verification with UTI PSA Login:

  • Follow these steps to access the UTIITSL PSA portal’s PAN Bulk Verification service:
  • Visit to access the PSA UTIITSL website.
  • Choose “PAN Bulk Verification” from the drop-down menu under “PAN Card Services” after clicking on that link.
  • You’ll be taken to, which is an external website.
  • On the external website, enter your login information (username and password).
  • To access your profile and carry out PAN Bulk Verification, enter the system-generated security code or captcha and click “Sign In.”

Login to UTI PSA at Online Method:

  • Follow these instructions to sign in to the UTIITSL PSA portal:
  • Go to to access the UTIITSL website.
  • On the login page, enter your PSA login information.
  • Enter the security code, then press “Submit.”
  • If you don’t have a PSA login ID and password, get in touch with the relevant UTI PSA officer or register and submit an application for one.
  • Upload the essential files, then complete the application form with the necessary data.
  • Check the details once more before clicking “Submit.”
  • For more communication, please include both your active email address and mobile number.
  • The system will produce a PSA login ID and email it to the specified contact information.

Steps for Online UTIITSL & PAN Card Registration in 2023:

  • Follow these steps to apply for a PAN card and UTIITSL:
  • Check out the UTIITSL webpage.
  • The link for creating a PSA UTIITSL account should be clicked.
  • Read the terms and conditions, then agree to them.
  • On the registration form, provide your name, mobile number, zip code, and PAN number.
  • On the submit button, click.
  • An authorization notice confirming your registration will be sent to you.

Update for UTI PSA Login:

  • The Payment System Application (PSA) login process for UTI has recently undergone adjustments, which are referred to as the UTI PSA Login Update.
  • The upgrade attempts to strengthen the login process’ security and safeguard users’ sensitive data.
  • Password specifications: Users must come up with a secure password that satisfies certain requirements.
  • User Implementation of Two-Factor Authentication: Users must use two-factor authentication to increase security.

How to Check the Status of a PAN Card Online?

  • These actions should be followed to check the status of your PAN card online:
  • Visit the UTIITSL website at, which has PSA certification.
  • Click the “Track your Pan Card” link under the PAN Card Services section.
  • Enter the necessary data, including your PAN number, application coupon number, birthdate, and captcha code.
  • On the submit button, click.
  • The projected delivery date will be shown along with the PAN card status.

Common Problems With UTIITSL PSA Login And Their Fixes:

  • The following are some typical problems encountered by agents while attempting to log into the UTIITSL PSA site and their solutions:
  • PSA User ID or Password Incorrect: Check your PSA user name and password twice. Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the instructions if you can’t remember your password.
  • Technical Errors: If there are any technical difficulties, try deleting the cookies and cache in your browser or switching to a new browser. Get help from UTIITSL customer service if the problem continues.
  • To ensure a seamless and secure login process, always adhere to the official guidelines and instructions supplied by UTIITSL.